Buyer Beware

Hundreds of  agents  may call you every hour if you fill out that pop up information email screen.

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Home buyers names and email addresses can be purchased from companies like Zillow,  Trulia,  and hundreds of other lead generators. They will promise you all kinds of goodies in return, like free emails updates, Ten mistakes every home buyers makes and lots more. If you need to give them your email address think twice.

The 11th mistake some home buyers make is giving out their email and phone number to a lead generating company. You no sooner hit send and they fast forward your information to hundreds of real estate agents (for a fee of course) This is big business and you will get a follow up call from every real estate agent and loan originator within 50 miles.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

You can search directly on a company owned website like this one. Rest assured we are not going to tell a soul your looking to buy a new home because we appreciate, your business, your loyalty, and your referrals. We would have no need to sell your information to anyone. We do not purchase home buyer leads we work to generate our own right here on our own website. So, you will not receive a purchased lead telephone call from us. If you would like to see a home just call us directly, or fill out a schedule appointment form above every listing. Thank-you

Search on this site all you want in private. Fill out a showing request at the top of any listing page. Your information will be seen by 1 person who will also show you the property your interested in seeing. We can supply you with the same goodies without the overwhelming telephone calls.

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